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All About Bullet Tree Falls, Belize

Bullet Tree Falls, Belize is a small village with a population of around 3000, in the Cayo District of western Belize, a few miles outside of San Ignacio Town. Even though it's one of the fastest growing villages in the country, its also one of the safest places in Belize. It's split down the middle by the Mopan river and connected by a steel bridge (known as the high bridge). You'll find this property on the quieter of the 2 sides.

The side closest to San Ignacio is where you can attend local football (soccer) games on the weekend at the field. There are local restaurants, stores, schools, the post office and of course a handful of bars - most notability "Remo's Road House".

After you cross the steel bridge you'll find that this side is a bit more relaxed. The community center and the playground are located here and in the summers you can find a sand volleyball court beside the river for the local league. The people are friendly and you can set the pace. You'll wake to the sounds of birds (and the occasional howler monkey). Then spend the day on the balcony gazing into the river or shopping in town. Evenings stay home and chat with the neighbours or take the 5 minute drive to San Ignacio and enjoy the nightlife.

These aspects are just some of the things that make life in Bullet Tree Falls, Belize just that much better. All this and you don't have to drive on a horrible road to get to the nearest town. If you want anything special, or if you are looking for a nice restaurant, San Ignacio, Belize is only a few minutes away. Live the "small town" life a few minutes from Belize's second largest town.