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The Property

Bullet Tree Falls is a gorgeous village and finding a riverside piece of property is a rare find indeed. This plot has been carefully landscaped to highlight the natural beauty of the local flora on the banks of the Mopan River. It also has loads of great amenities, like a pizza oven and Japanese hot tub.

The total area of this property is 12 504.5 ft2. It's bordered by Bullet Tree Road in the front and the Mopan River in the back. The whole plot is fairly flat with a steep riverbank. It's on a straight section of the river so erosion is nearly non-existent.


There are a total of 6 buildings on the property. The main house, two cabanas, two buildings that could be used as either additional cabanas or caretakers' houses, and an outside bathroom (with a shower).

The Cabanas

Both of the Cabanas are riverside. The first has an area of 156 ft2 and the second has an area of 288 ft2. Both are fully enclosed with durable screen, have electricity, mosquito canopies over the bed area and lovely one or two person balconies overlooking the water. They're perfect for when your friends and family come to visit.

The Small Houses and Bathroom

In the far right corner of the lot facing the street, you'll find two additional cottages or perhaps caretakers quarters. The larger of the two is made up of two living spaces and totals 284 ft2. The smaller is is a single room and totals 161 ft2. Both have power and they share the outside bathroom. The bathroom is 6'5" by 6'5" and has a toilet, sink and shower.


In addition to the cabanas, buildings and such, this particular place has few unique features that you will be hard pressed to find anywhere else. For starters, there's a 72 foot saltwater lap pool. Perfect for those days when the river is running a little too fast. There's an adobe oven if someone in your house loves baking or the occasional pizza party. The last feature is something you might not think you'd need in Belize... it's a "Furo" or Japanese hot tub. It's made out of Mahogany and seats 2. Not only is it gorgeous, but it is heated by building a fire underneath and it stays warm for several days. It even has a lid to keep the heat in and the leaves out.

The property also has a variety of plant life ranging from banana trees to tropical flowers and coconut palms. You'll also see Toucans, Hummingbirds, the occasional gibnut, 3 to 4 ft iguanas lounging about in the trees on the banks of the Mopan River and from time to time you can even hear the howler monkeys.